Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Wow - I did my regular crossfit workout this morning at 6am.  The WOD was 3 rounds for time: 300 meter farmer's carry (35# kettlebell) and then 30 burpees.  One of my friends asked before the class if I was gonna use the burpees from the WOD towards my burpees4boobs count.  I told her I hadn't decided and when I was getting ready to start the 3rd round of 30 burpees, I was thinking "hell yeah, I'm counting them". However, once I recovered I decided to keep them separate - at least for now.  When I started this, I said I would not count burpees from my regular WODS (not until I at least get to the point of 100 or more a day) - that being said... I just finished my 62 burpees for the day!!!! total count - 1953!!!!  Breaking 2000 tomorrow :)

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