Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 months DONE!!!! Day #183

Today marks the half way point with days....however, not even close to the half way mark in the amount of burpees  but still a major milestone.  My good friend and boss put together a workout for me to make the day a little more "fun".  I did 8 rounds of...TRX skater squats (24 total), cable slalom pulls (24 total), 12 DB snatches (25#) each arm, 12 elevated side planks each side and 23 burpees.....the last round only had 22 burpees to hit the 183 mark.

Past days....
168 - burpees
169 -sets of 10...burpees and boxjumps (24")
170 -173....just burpees (past the 15,000 mark on day 173)

Day 174 -  6 rounds...5 handstand push ups, 10 deadlifts (124#), 10 pull ups, 20 sit ups, 29 burpees

175 - 179....just burpees
Day 180, I enlisted (made) one of my clients to join me....we did different types of burpees  -burpee box jumps, Medball burpees, 1 leg burpees, high jump burpees.....

Day 181 - burpees, KB swings (30#), decline lower abs (6-9-12-15-18-21-23-21-18-15-12-9-2

Day 182....burpees

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