Monday, October 10, 2011

Burpees 4 Boobs

I am going to use this blog to journal online and keep track of my Burpees throughout the year.  For any of you that do not know, I lost my mother to breast cancer at the young age of 52 after a 2 year battle with the disease.  When I turned 30 I had to fight with my insurance to get them to cover a mammogram despite the family history and the fact that I had 4 children and wanted to be proactive with my health.  I decided to do this year long challenge to raise funds for a non-profit organization called "Mammograms in Action" which helps low income and uninsured people get mammograms.  Please pass the word around and help support this cause - .  I  started this journey on September 15, 2011 which would have been my mother's 62 birthday.  I did 1 burpee on that day and have added one burpee every day since.  Today I will be doing 26 burpees bringing the total to 351.  After this year long journey I will have done 67, 161!!! It sounds me, I know but compared to the daily struggle people go through (that my mother went through) living with cancer it's nothing!   I will be posting videos throughout the year for accountability.  Thank you for your support.

Here are 4 of the last 25 days.  Days #1, #2, #12 (best part is Vanessa's cheer at the end) and day #16 w/Vanessa.  I have been documenting all of my burpees and these are all in addition to any burpess that are part of my regular crossfit WODs.

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