Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today I did my burpees with ankle weights on and did them in sets of 30 with different glute exercises in between.  My last post was my dead lift burpees on day #145, so I will fill in the days since then.  Days 146 and 147 were just burpees.  Day 148 I had some fun with bar facing burpees - the jump was over a barbell that had 25# plates on it -then you have to turn yourself around so you are always facing the bar.  I did day #149 after a brutal TRX workout where a 19 year old kid tried to kill me.  The next morning I went to a crazy boot camp to prepare for the Super Spartan in 2 weeks - flipping tires, sledge hammers, kettle bells, monster crawls, ropes, running ans swimming....then I did my 150 burpees.  Days 151 and 152 were only burpees.  The total count after the 153 I did this morning is 11,781.

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