Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day #160

Day #155 was just burpees.  I did 166 with a 10# weighted vest which was a fun workout.  Day #157 I did while visiting my grandmother in Bushnell, Fl.  - her home had so many pictures of my mother and brought back so many memories -I was very proud to do them!  #158 was just burpees again. #159 I started doing as a workout with double unders until my jump rope broke which put me in a very bad mood - I got through 3 rounds 26 burpees, 50 double unders - then I just finished with the remaining burpees.  Today on Day #160 - I did an exhausting, long workout at my gym.  I climbed up 5 flights of stairs (92 steps to be exact) - ran across the roof of the parking garage - down the stairs at the other end, ran through the ally back to my gym, then 36 burpees, 20 dead lifts (94#) and 50 abmat sit ups....for 5 rounds!!!  Total count - 12,880!!

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