Monday, April 30, 2012

wow - another 3 weeks have apparently flown by.....for the most part, I have been incorporating my burpees throughout a traditional workout - I will do a set of one exercise and do 10 burpees after as my "rest" before the next set.  I have also, because of time restraints had to just do burpees straight.  I have had a few fun workouts with my burpees over the last 23 days though.....

Day #210 - I did a workout going back and forth between 10 burpees and 10 sit ups....then for fun after 10 rounds of that, I started combining the sit up and burpee - went back on to the mat, rolled back for lower abs and with enough force to be able to stand back up on my feet - then immediately went forward to the ground and did a burpee.....I did 50 that way and then finished of with 60 burpees by themselves.

Day #217 - I did the first 100 in 10 rounds - 10 burpees with a 12# medicine ball -reaching over my head every time and then 10 skater squats.....started running out of time before my next client and had to just finish the last 117 as burpees.

Day #218 -I had my 2nd  GRIT class that morning at was a crazy started with 40 burpees, then an 800 meter sandbag run (25#), 100 jump squats, 400 meter sandbag run, 75 jump squats, 300 meter sandbag run, 50 jump squats, 200 meter sandbag run, 25 jump squats....then 40 more burpees..... I counted those 80 burpees to my daily count....did the remaining 138 at the gym.

Day #220 - I started that morning off doing some fun workouts with 7 amazing, strong, beautiful women....we first worked on a 2 rep squat snatch (got up to 83#), then a fun WOD - 30 box jumps (24"), 30 deadlifts (123#), 30 kettle bell swings (53#), 30 power cleans (68#), 30 wall ball shots (16#/10 foot mark), 30 push press (65#)....did that in 16:20....while the other ladies did a third workout of sprints and rope climb/muscle ups - I did my 220 burpees.

Day #224 - I did 10 step downs on each leg, very slow and controlled from a 24" box, 10 back squats (95#), 30 burpees...did 7 full rounds then the last 14 burpees.

Days #225, 226 and 227 were while on vacation in Destin - not easy....but right now burpees don't get a vacation.

Today I will be doing #229 which will bring my total count to 26,335

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