Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day #235

Days 230 and 231 were just burpees. Day 232, I did 10 kettle bell swings (35#) and then 30 burpees until I reached 232.

Day 233 was a special day.....33 being my favorite #, I have made any burpee day with that # a more "fun" workout.  I have video of day #33 and Day #133 on this blog.  A great friend of mine loves designing workouts so I called on her to design my day #233 workout and she came up with a crazy one for sure 

took me 57:10 to complete!! Thanks Amy!!

Yesterday was day #234 and also Cinco de Mayo....after a crazy workout with Day 233 and it being a Saturday, I enlisted Amy to join me with these burpees and this time I would design the workout. 

We did 10 burpees on the minute and then a shot of tequila after each 50 with a final shot "buyout" when we finished.  Amy did the first 100 with me and then did 5 on the minute to my 10 for the rest.

Today I will be doing 235 ....minus other exercises and tequila!!

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