Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day #273

Days #269, 270 and 271 were just burpees....burpees on the weekend tend to just be burpees - can't find the time to get to the gym or the motivation to add to them when I'm at home.  Yesterday, I was at the gym for 272....I did a quick cardio warm up for 5 minutes then just banged out all 272 burpees - took about 30 minutes - people at 24 hour fitness looked at me like I was crazy....then I met up with a friend and did a serious old school chest and core workout....with some weighted walking lunges for fun and a few front squats with 80#!!  Today is 273 - burpees were slow but consistent.  Tomorrow is gonna be an insane workout with them...will post about it tomorrow!!

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