Tuesday, January 10, 2012


gotta say #114, #115 and #116 were not fun - much harder when I'm not in my regular routine to get them done.  I had my daughter counting for me and I have to laugh because she says "hurry up mom, stop stopping" -thanks, Maddy - I wonder where she learned that from.  Was doing my #116 Sunday night while watching/listening to "cupcake wars" - that was fun.

Yesterday I did a WOD for #117.  5 rounds of: 5 HSPU, 10 front squats (75#), 15 deadlifts (75#), 20 russian twists (30#KB left/right =1) and 23 burpees.  at the end of 5 rounds still had to do 2 more burpees to make 117.

Just finished day #118....passed the 7000 mark....total: 7021

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