Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Since last Wednesday's crazy park workout, I have only done burpees everyday - with an occasional core routine.  Another Wednesday today, another crazy park workout.  I made this workout a partner workout.

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26 forward moving burpees -back and forth between 2 partners.

*lateral shuffle
*sit up
*Kettle bell swings
*russian twists
*bear crawl
*alt. 1 leg touch down
*prisoner squat with side crunch
*jumping jacks
*lower abs

These exercises have no set number - 1 partner does the first one continuously until the other partner completes 26 burpees - then they switch.  Once both partners have done the lateral shuffle and 26  burpees  - they move on to the run...and so on!!

ends with 5 more forward moving burprees each.

Me and Dave - 62:41

Thanks Jess and Carlos for joining in the fun!!
Total burpee count: 58,996

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