Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 350!!!!

The days are actually flying by.  I only have 16 days left....when I started I thought this would never end, now it's hard to believe it is almost over.  I could not have done it without the amazing support system I have with my friends and family.  People greet me with "how many today" or "have you done your burpees yet" - I love it!

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Day 344 was just burpees.

Day 345 - I tried out my friend's new crossfit box...Crossfit Brink. The skill that morning was to find your 3RM for push jerk
45x10 warm up
second attempt 110x2

the WOD was
10 min amrap
5 power snatch (65#)
10 push ups
15 toes 2 bar
I subbed the push ups for burpees just to get some out of the way.
ended up with 4 complete rounds and 2 snatches on the 5th round and 305 burpees to finish later that day!

Days 346-349 were only burpees

Today was a blast - I love my Wednesday park workouts with other people. I had 7 other people join in the craziness today.

7 rounds
50 burpees
40 sit ups
30 walking lunges
20 DU
10 toes 2 bar

my time:69:44

total count.....61,425

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