Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day #322

Day 321 was just burpees.  Yesterday, day 322 I had a lot of fun (sort of).  I posted on facebook an invite for anyone to join me for my burpee workout at the park.  Surprisingly I had 4 other crazy people show up.  The workout I had planned was run 1 lap (which is 1/3 mile), then do 36 burpees....9 rounds (only 34 on the last round).  I told the others they could modify how ever they needed to.  I was so proud of them.! It took me 69:17 to finish, it was ridiculously hot outside (this was 10am).  The other 3 ladies modified by doing 15 burpees each round and then the one guy did pull ups (the bars were located about half way through the run) -he ran to them, 12 pull ups, then 12 burpees at the end of the lap!

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